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“He’s an Animal:”
Naturalizing the Hyperreal in Modern Combat Sport

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Making Play Work: Competition, Spectacle and Intersubjectivity
in Hybrid Martial Arts


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Festivals and Local Identities in a Global Economy:
the Festival of India and Dance Umbrella


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From Temple to Battlefield: Bharata Natyam in Sri Lanka.


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Das Lokale Vermarkten (Marketing the Local):
The Festival of India and Dance Umbrella


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Roots/Routes of
Dance Studies


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Unbalancing the Authentic/Partnering Classicism:
Shobana Jeyasingh’s Choreography and the
Bharata Natyam ‘Tradition’


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Serving Two Masters? Bharata Natyam and
Tamil Cultural Production


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Dancing through History
and Ethnography:
An Inquiry into Bharata Natyam’s Performance
of the Past


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Rukmini Devi:
Rethinking the Classical


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